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7 Chakras Healing Bracelet with Natural Lava Beads

7 Chakras Healing Bracelet with Natural Lava Beads

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Are your Chakras out of balance? This bracelet may help you restore your mind, body and soul's balance for overall wellness!

✓ Each bead represents one of the seven Chakra energies: The solar plexus, heart, throat, sacral, crown, brow and the base chakra. / Wear this bracelet to balance your body chakras and absorb negative energy to promote holistic healing.
✓ Contains natural lava stones. For added healing effect, you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil into the Lava Stones and enjoy the aromatic benefits throughout the day!
✓ Available in different styles. It's easy to find a design that will match your outfit.
✓ Each bracelet is adjustable and stretchy. Perfect for any men or women.
✓ It's stylish and trendy. You'll love to wear it everyday!

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