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Mix Food & Beat Eggs Without Needing to do a Thing!

  • Automatically Stirs Food and Beats Eggs
  • You Won't Need to Hold or Control It
  • Finish Cooking Meals Twice as Fast
  • No Cords to Get in the Way of Food Prep
  • Just Throw it in Dishwasher When Finished 

INSTANTLY Double Your Cooking Speed

Eggcellent is the revolutionary handsfree beater & stirrer that does all the work for you.

Simply place it in your pan of sauce, eggs, or other foods and it'll automatically mix them together.

You don't even need to hold it.

While it's working, go do other things so you get done cooking even faster! 

No Cords, No Problem!

Let's face it, cords can be freakin' annoying. 

They get in the way, splash in your food, and can even trip you up causing potentially serious injuries. 

We got rid of the cords so you can cook in peace!

Choose From 3 Speeds

You have a choice between slow, medium, and fast rotational speeds to fit your cooking needs.

No matter what it is you're making, you can choose the speed that best suits your food.

Set the speed you need, and watch Eggcellent do its work!

Heat Resistant and Safe for Pans

The PP, TPR, and stainless steel materials are each food grade and heat resistant. 

The stirrer will never stick to your pan. And it'll keep cool while in use. 

You'll never have to worry about burns from touching it or scratches on your kitchenware!

You Don't Even Have to Clean it Yourself!

Eggcellent isn't like other mixers you have to clean manually...

If you're feeling lazy, no worries!

Eggcellent is dishwasher-friendly. Just throw it in for a quick wash when finished. 

You don't have to do a thing!

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