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Gel Nail Polish Remover Wrap

Gel Nail Polish Remover Wrap

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Save a costly trip to the nail salon just to remove your gel polish manicure and do it at home with ease. 

These remarkable Nail Polish Remover Wraps conveniently get rid of gel polish from your nails so you can safely remove them at home.

Product Uses

1. Gently scruff the surface of the polished polished nail with a buffer. 
2. Apply Gel Nail Polish Remover to the absorbent pad within foil wrap. 
3. Securely wrap the foil around the fingernail and allow to soak a few minutes. 
4. Remove the foil from each nail, and gently remove all the residue of the gel nail polish using Superdrug's Gel Nail Polish Remover Tool. 
5. Once completed wash hands thoroughly to remove the solution from your fingers.

Cut the removal time from 25 mins. to 6-8 mins.

✓ Reduces acetone contact with skin and traps in heat to quicken removal
✓ Quantity: 100 pcs

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