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InstaGarlic Instant Garlic Press Crusher

InstaGarlic Instant Garlic Press Crusher

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INSTANTLY Chop a Full Garlic Clove into 81 PERFECT Cubes!”

✓ Mince Full Garlic Cloves in Just One Second
✓ Save Time Not Having to Cut Up by Hand
✓ Avoid Getting Your Fingers Smelly & Sticky
✓ Guaranteed to Last 5 Years of Continuous Use
✓ Dishwasher Safe for a Quick Clean

CRUSH Garlic Cloves With Just One Twist!

Gone are the days of chopping up garlic cloves by hand...

All it takes is ONE twist for InstaGarlic to chop a full clove into 81 perfect cubes.

Instantly you'll have perfectly minced garlic.

Save Tons of Your Time

InstaGarlic saves you all the time you would have spent chopping up the garlic yourself.

Use that extra time on more important things, like eating with the people you're cooking for!

Lasts Up to 5 Years of Constant Use!

The food safe ABS body and stainless steel blades are built to last.

You can count on it to keep on working up to 5 years without trouble!

Dishwasher Safe :)

Whenever you're finished using InstaGarlic, you won't even have to clean it yourself.

Simply throw it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. 

With InstaGarlic, you won't have to do anything by hand!

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Product Specs

Spec: ABS plastic + stainless steel

Color: white

Dimensions: 27.5 * 18 * 7.5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x InstaGarlic Press

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