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Jade Roller Facial Massager

Jade Roller Facial Massager

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Originating in ancient China as part of traditional remedies, jade rollers are used to massage the face and improve circulation. Wonderful for cooling warm parts of the face if stored in the refrigerator. Can help greatly with rosacea, dryness, or other skin conditions.

How to use a Jade Roller

Start by rolling the jade roller on the lower part of the face and work upwards from the chin. Roll in both up and down and sidewards directions, being careful around the delicate under-eye area. Most effective on cleansed skin, jade rollers can be used on a dry complexion, or to massage in skincare products such as face oil, serum, or moisturizer. For a more cooling effect on the skin, leave your jade roller in the fridge.

Material: Jade
Color: Green

Package Included:
1 x Jade Roller Facial Massager


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