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LookSleek™ - Quick Hair Styler For Men

LookSleek™ - Quick Hair Styler For Men

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Say Goodbye to Wax & Pomades! Stylize Your Hair in 3 Minutes!

  • Volumize hair, Flatten side hair & Straighten curly hair naturally
  • No Damage: Even heat avoids "hot spots" that burn your hair
  • 100% Safe & Easy to Use: Just a few strokes fix your messy hair
  • Reduces frizzing & brings out shine
  • Quick Heating: Preheat within 15 seconds
  • Long-lasting: Stunning effect maintained throughout the day
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight Handle


All-in-One Hair Styling Solution...

Fashioned for the distinguished gentleman, LockSleek™ manages to blend refined craftsmanship with elegant performance. Easy on your hair as it is on the eyes, this lightweight yet durable styler is billed as a “Man's Essential Comb.” It does everything: Volumizes flat hair, Straightens curly hair & Flattens side hair with even & damage-free heating.  

No More Time Consuming Traditional Hairstyling

Say goodbye to gels, waxes & pomades! LockSleek™ is revolutionizing the way modern men are styling their locks! It's perfect for today's active & busy lifestyle. Often you find yourself running late & with no time to prepare. No Worries! Just a few brush strokes with LockSleek™ and you're ready to go!  

The Secrets: Thermal Styling & Celluloid Bristles...

Thermal styling has increased the styling options of textured hair, offering versatility & the option to wear virtually any & every hairstyleLockSleek™ takes this a step further by ensuring that no damage occurs.  

The scorching point of hair is between the temperatures of 380° to 400°F. LockSleek™ never comes close to 380°F so it is able to deliver shape, movement, shine & a rich, silky texture. The bristles are made from celluloid that un-kinks hair, while the rounded tips stimulate the natural oils inside your follicles to create healthy, shiny hair. 

Long-lasting, Warp-Resistant Comb

You need a comb that can handle 365 days of your masculine man grip. Crafted with a low static celluloid designLockSleek™ can handle the rigors of everyday wear & tear. Its size factors into performance as slim design ensures everlasting use & tight grip control

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