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Magic Headlight Restoration Kit DIY - Clean Foggy Headlights In Minutes

Magic Headlight Restoration Kit DIY - Clean Foggy Headlights In Minutes

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Say Goodbye to Foggy Headlights and See More Clearly at Night

Yellow, Clouded Headlights: Unsafe and Unsightly

Regardless of where you live, your car's headlights are exposed to a variety of damaging environmental factors. Sunlight, UV rays, constant heating and cooling, rain, pollution, dirt, smog, harsh chemicals, pitting, and other factors can accelerate the effects of oxidation, quickly dulling and degrading your lenses. Not only is this an unsightly problem, but yellow, clouded headlights reduce light output and impede your ability to see at night, creating a serious safety concern.

A Great Investment, An Even Better Value

Restoring and maintaining headlights has never been so affordable. Headlight Restoration Kit and a little bit of your time is a great alternative to replacing your lenses, considering a single headlight can cost you hundreds of dollars. The kit contains everything you need to restore plastic headlights in any condition.

RESTORES HEADLIGHT TO A LIKE-NEW APPEARANCE & REMOVES HAZE: Headlight lenses on your vehicle can become yellow, dull, and hazy from the sun. Our Headlight Restoration Kit fully removes haze and corrosion and restores the clarity and shine you need to see better at night.

RESTORES HEADLIGHT LIGHT OUTPUT: Restores original clarity and vision to sun-damaged plastic headlight lenses. The lenses will be clearer, the headlight will shine brighter, and the road ahead will be better illuminated.



1. Preparation:

- Protect trim and painted surfaces around the headlight lens with Broad Adhesive tape.
- Clean the headlamp surface with water, then wait for a few minutes to dry out

2. Sandpaper Polished:

- Use No.1 Sandpaper to polish, to remove the yellow surface
- Use No.2 Sandpaper to polish, so that rough surface becomes smooth
- Use No.3 Sandpaper to polish, so that the surface has a mirror effect
- Clean the headlamp surface and wait for it to completely dry

3. Final Steps:

- Wrap the dust-free paper over coating sponge
- Put the headlight repair smear on the paper
- Apply in a crisscross pattern to a depth
- Remove the masking tape surrouding the lens

Package Included:

1* Headlight polish 

2* Sponge 

2* Smudge cloth

4* Sandpaper

2* Disposable gloves

1* Adhesive tap

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