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Panda Sink Splash Protector

Panda Sink Splash Protector

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Have you ever ruined a stunning outfit while doing the dishes or made a wet mess on the kitchen floor? Do your kids forever make a floody mess when washing their hands or brushing their teeth in the bathroom? This Panda Sink Splash Protector will shield your favorite outfits and avoid soaking your floor while you do any sort of cleaning in the sink! Just stick the useful tool to the edges of your sink and let it save you from splatter.

✓ Transparent hooks that stick easily
✓ Foldable and Transparent Sheet
✓ Impermeable, so doesn't allow water to pass through
✓ Material: Polypropylene, Plastic
✓ Dimensions: 28.5x24 cm or 31.5x24.5 cm

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