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RevoDime™ Minimalist Magnetic Modular Wallet

RevoDime™ Minimalist Magnetic Modular Wallet

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“Fully Customize Your Wallet for Your Needs”

Personalize However You Want: arrange the modules in whatever order you like best
Relieve Yourself from Clutter: minimalist design forces you to only take what you actually need
Free Up Pocket Space: less clutter and a slim build leaves you with plenty extra pocket space
Receive Tons of Compliments: people will envy you for your wallet's style and your minimalist lifestyle
Magnetic Stitches Stay Secure: strategic magnetic strips always keep your wallet secure when closed

Customization at its BEST

RevoDime™ gives you the ability to customize the wallet how youwant it. 

Everyone has different preferences and desires. 

If you see a wallet design you like, you shouldn't have to avoid buying it because the inside doesn't suit you. 

RevoDime™ puts this dilemma in the past. 

You have the power to lay out your 3 modules in whatever way is best for you

Live Happier Without Extra Clutter

Minimalism has really been catching on in recent years, and this isn't without reason. 

Studies have shown time and time again that getting rid of clutter makes you happier. 

So it's about time you have a wallet that makes you happier too. 

RevoDime™ allows you to challenge yourself to only bring what you need. 

Less clutter and more space = a more content you!

A Stylish Design With Purpose! 

There isn't a single RevoDime™ modlue that's "just there." Each one has a specific purpose. 

The card, banknote, and coin modules are all designed for maximum efficiency. 

And the slim build only helps to improve its usefulness. 

RevoDime™ is made specifically to help you stay as organized as possible.

Your Items Will Always Be Safe 

Security is a major concern when it comes to wallets. And this concern is well deserved.

We understand you keep your most valuable stuff in there. We do too!

So we've made RevoDime™ as secure as possible. 

RevoDime™ is lined with strong magnetic strips that automatically seal your wallet shut. 

Any time it's closed, you can be sure its super tight. 

RevoDime™ is Only Available on

Module Usage

1. Card module - place up to 4 cards and extra cash in slots

2. Banknote module - use bottom slot and stretch band to hold cash, license, and even extra cards

3. Coin/key module - automatically interlocked without zippers to keeps coins, keys, and other small items in safe storage

Product Specs

Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 2 cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Material: PU leather

Package Includes:

1 x RevoDime™ Wallet (3 different modules)

- Product not sold in stores



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