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SlickShield™ Magnetic Windshield Protection Cover

SlickShield™ Magnetic Windshield Protection Cover

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Keep Your Windshield Completely SAFE from Sun, Snow, Ice, and Frost!

  • Stop Scraping Off Frost: no more sub zero mornings and frozen fingers scraping off your window shield
  • Prevents Scratches: ensure your car is safe from ugly scratches and other forms of damage
  • Snow Won't Get Through: magnetic weather lock design seals SlickShield™ tight to the car so that no elements sneak under
  • Use During Winter and Summer: protect from snow during winter, flip to reflect sun during summer
  • Won't Tear Apart: ultra-durable dualtech heavy duty protection material keeps your cover together under all conditions

STOP Frost from Accumulating on Your Windshield

It sucks having to wake up early in the morning to scrape frost off your car. It's so cold outside!

Don't deal with early morning frozen fingers any longer. Simply remove the cover from your windshield and you're good to drive. 

Your windshield will be completely free of snow! 

Prevent Annoying Scratches and Damage

Heavy duty dualtech material keeps windshields 100% protected from damage. 

This means no more unnecessary scrapes and scratches from ice.Enjoy driving without having to look at damage done by Mother Nature. 

And save money not having to repair your windshield too! 

Universal Design and Magnetic Weather Lock

SlickShield™ covers are designed to fit all sizes of consumer cars and trucks. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you can be sure your new cover will fit perfectly on you car. 

In addition, the protective windscreen has a 6 magnet weather lock design. 

This keeps your cover sealed to your car at all times. Snow won't get under it, wind won't blow it away.  

Reversible Protection Shields Your Car in All Seasons!

Dual side protection allows you to shield your windshield throughout the whole year.

Stop snow, ice, and frost during the winter with the black side. And flip your cover over to the silver side to reflect damaging sun rays during a hot summer.

Stay protected all year long!

Durable Enough to Handle Even the Worst Conditions

The same heavy duty material protecting your car also keeps SlickShield™ from tearing up. 

SlickShield™ can handle even the most brutal conditions during the winter. No matter how bad it gets, it'll keep working 24/7 to protect your car without ripping.

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