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Smart Lucid Dream Mask

Smart Lucid Dream Mask

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Introducing Smart Lucid Dream Mask! The World's Best Sleeping Mask & The First Fully Functional Lucid Dream Inducer!

  • The world's first affordable & comfortable lucid dreaming mask
  • Increase dream vividness & unlock the world of lucid dreaming!
  • High-quality red LEDs maximize dream penetration
  • Customizable light patterns / personalize your dream signals
  • Stylish fabric shell in 5 vivid colors
  • Four layer variable foam stack for extra comfort & breathability
  • Soft adjustable strap fits all head sizes
  • Runs for 6+ months on included CR2032 Battery
  • Weighs less than 1oz!


lucid dream is a one of which YOU are aware that you're dreaming. During a lucid dream, YOU may be able to control the characters, the narrative & the environment! It's like directing your own fantasy or sci-fi movie!

Reintroduces YOU to the Benefits of Dreaming

Modern research has confirmed that dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem-solving skills & increased creativity. The developers also proved that controlling dreams can help address issues with creativity, personal problems & even stopping nightmares! Imagine reaping all these benefits while you're in LaLa Land! 

Take Control of Your Dreams!

The question is...what would you do if you could control your dreams? Shrink down to the size of an atom. Teleport to the far side of the galaxy, or meet an old friend for lunch at the bottom of the sea!  Smart Lucid Dream Mask™ helps you increase the frequency of lucid dreams & lets you take control of the dreamscape

When you experience any level of conscious awareness in a dream, you have already started down the path to lucidity. Knowing that you're inside of a dream is only the beginning. With practice comes greater control

Experienced lucid dreamers have been honing this skill for thousands of years. Why? To reap a range of benefits from the recreational (flying, exploring) to the practical (problem-solving, brainstorming) to the profound (self-actualization). If your goal is lucidity, Smart Lucid Dream Mask™ can help you get there!  

Here's How Smart Lucid Dream Mask™ Works... 

The key is to consciously recognize that you are dreaming. Smart Lucid Dream Mask™ works by flashing series of light patterns while you are in your REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep is the period when the highest chance of dreaming occurs. Smart Lucid Dream Mask™  trains your subconscious to recognize that you are dreaming during these times. This helps you control what you see & do in your dreams! 

The mask has a small & lightweight coin cell battery & flexible electronics. These are protected by a 2-ply foam shell: a durable inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer. It will be very comfortable to use & will not limit your sleeping positions, unlike other lucid dream devices. The foam inserts have been aerated to allow for better airflow, reducing heat & sweat. 

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