The iBrightness™ - Minimalistic Desk Lamp

The iBrightness™ - Minimalistic Desk Lamp Lights Loom Rack Gold

The iBrightness™ - Minimalistic Desk Lamp

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The iBrightness is the ultimate accessory that will go perfectly with all your devices on your desk or bedside table. Do not have to try to match the colors with different accessories, this one is already perfectly adapted to your favorites devices. 🖥

Our lamp is a revolution in the world of office lighting both in design and manufacturing. In addition to being ultra modern, it has many significant strengths.

The iBrightness has 3 modes of light. Whether you use light to read, to work, to enlighten you as mood or bedside light, it will adapt perfectly to your needs. It has 28 Powerful LED's that can change intensity according to your convenience. 

To turn on or increase the light of your lamp, just press the square touch button, it's magic!

You can choose from 3 beautiful colors that are Silver, Gray and Rose Gold. Why did we choose these colors for you? Simply because they are perfectly adapted to the colors of your favorite devices.

Our modern, classy lamp will add a luxurious touch to your workspace. The accessory is simple, classy, of good quality and embellish the space in which it will be.

Your iBrightness runs on battery power.


With a very respectable automomie up to 7 hours, you can carry it in different rooms of your house. For its operation when it will be charged, it does not require any cable and will be totally portable. We deliver you a mini USB cable for charging. The iBrightness can be charged to a power outlet, your computer or a powerbank.

Your lamp will arrive quickly at home in a totally secure way. In addition to a delivery in registered package against signature, we pack all the lamps so that they are delivered to you without risk of breakage. We pay great attention to packaging and shipping to offer you the best experiencepossible. 

The size of the iBrightness is perfect for use next to your iMac or Macbook(PRO):

24CM x 20,5CM x 5CM x 5CM

9.45 x 8.07 x 1.97 x 1.97 INCHES