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Thermica37™ - Winter Thermal Under Garment

Thermica37™ - Winter Thermal Under Garment

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Stay Cozy & Warm This Winter! No Chills, No Shiver, No Icy Feeling!

  • Made from Ultra-Soft acrylic, polyester & spandex
  • 'ColdPruf' fabrics maintain body temperature of 37°C
  • Converts moisture to heat energy
  • Seamless and knitted 10X tighter than cotton
  • Breathable & Stretchable - one size fits all
  • Great base layer for winter indoor/outdoor activities 

Wonderfully Warm...and SEXY!

Thermica37™ is perfect for use under casual or formal attire at work or for a day out. It is the ideal base layer if you are going out to jog, run, bike or cycle in the cold. Use it under your clothing to keep warm & cozy in freezing climates or bad weather. You can also wear it as comfy pajamas on cold, chilly nights. 

High Warmth-to-Weight Ratio

Made from Ultra-Soft acrylic, polyester & spandex, the 4-way stretch material provides a comfortable & sexy fit. Thermica37™ is also lightly fleece lined for added warmth & thermal insulation. 

Why Thermica37™? What's w/ The Number 37?

The patent pending combination of 'ColdPruf' fabrics is designed to maintain a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). This is exactly the same temperature you feel when you have a mild fever. During winter, this is the ideal temperature that will keep you warm & cozy.   

Converts Moisture into Heat Energy 

This is another feature that's unique to Thermica37™. It is knitted 10 times tighter than cotton yet it is 50 times more elastic. It follows the contours of your body & converts moisture on your skin to heat in order to maintain ideal warmth. 

Keeping warm in the coldest temperatures can mean the difference between doing the things you love outdoors or staying inside. When you spend time outdoors in winter, it is  important to wear clothing that helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature. Thermica37™ is your best choice...nothing even comes close!

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