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TowelPlus™ – Plus in Size, Plus the Absorbing Power

TowelPlus™ – Plus in Size, Plus the Absorbing Power

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The Most Absorbent Car Wash Microfiber Towel Is Here!

TowelPlus™ Features:

✓ Quickly Removes Water, Compounds, Waxes & Polishes from Cars & more!
✓ Works on Any Kinds of Surfaces, Including Car Interior Leather
✓ Thick, Plush & Gentle — Guaranteed to Leave No Marks or Scratches
✓ Guaranteed Mirror-Like Results – Get That Car Show Shine You Always Wanted

Absorbs 5x Faster Than Regular Microfibers

The EASIEST & FASTEST WAY to remove anything from your car! TowelPlus™ is an Extra Large microfiber towel (92 x 56 cm) that is made with longer floss which makes it 5x more absorbent than other drying cloths. 

TowelPlus™ works quickly and gently to remove compounds, polishes, waxes, spray detailers and spray waxes from your car paint.

Works Great On Any Surface!

Did You Know? The most common reason for getting swirls and scratches comes down to the polishing towels that we use. The thinner the material, the more likely it is to push dirt and debris back into the paint. 

This super absorbent towel works great on car paint, exterior, and even in interior leather upholstery! TowelPlus™ safely traps and lifts away dirt from any surface. And with its THICK, PLUSH, & GENTLE material TowelPlus™ prevents the possibility of swirls, micro-scratches, and holograms.

It's the ultimate polishing towel to use on paint, glass, plastic, and chrome for perfect results! 

Mirror-Like Results – Guaranteed!

Get that show quality shine that Your Car Deserves! TowelPlus™ makes a detailer's job easier, faster, and more productive. We guarantee that Using TowelPlus™ brings no scratch, nasty swirls, or streaks. Just the best glossy clean!

Care Instructions:

  • Machine or hand wash in cold water.
  • Can be machine dried on low heat.
  • Do not use dryer sheets as it can clog the fibers.
  • Do not dry with other producing fabrics.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Car Owners In Using TowelPlus™ Today!



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